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How can I view my Order History?Updated 8 months ago

By creating a Chest Binder Co Store Account, you can view your order history. Even if you've placed an order without an account in the past (checked out as a guest), you can still view your order history by creating an account using the same email address you used for your previous order(s).

If you use two email addresses, i.e. a Personal and Work email, but you’re not sure which one you used when placing a past order with us; We send your ’Order Confirmation’ email automatically to the email address you entered in the 'Contact' section at the checkout right after you place your order. We suggest searching for this email to work out which email address you used when placing your previous order. 

Order history is linked to the specific email address entered at checkout. If a customer opts to create a store account using the same email address they used for a previous order when checking out as a guest, their previous order(s) will show in their ‘order history’ of their account.

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